Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Enjoy your Summer Holidays!

Dear students,

The school year is almost finished. It's been a pleasure having had you as my students for nine months. I hope you have learned new things and I wish you keep on learning. In the future you'll see how important it is to speak foreign languages. You know how to contact me for whatever you want or need. I really would like to have you as my students next year.

Have a good summer!


Anonymous said...

Dear Elena:
For me it has been a pleasure to have been lucky to know you as a person and as a teacher. This course has been very positive because I have learned many things. I also wait and desire to have you as a teacher the course that comes. I wish you pass happy holidays and you can rest.
Maria del Pilar Pacheco Díaz 3ºD

Elena González Guerrero said...

Hi, Pilar!

Thanks a lot for your kind comment. It was my pleasure to have you as a student. You are great! You'll be able to do whatever you intend, don't ever forget about it! I also hope to have you in my class next school year. Anyway, you know where I am for whatever you need.

Enjoy your summer holidays!